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CSBR & EPDM Rubber Surfacing

Sport and Play Surfacing offer a wide range of rubber surfacing products to meet a variety of applications and budgets. Utilising only the highest of quality products available internationally, the team at Sport and Play will assist you in selecting the right product for your specific needs. Common uses for our surfacing include: Playground Surfacing around playground equipment, sports courts including basketball and netball, children’s activity/games surfaces, waterplay areas, jogging tracks, pathways particularly for golf courses and equine surfacing including stables, wash bays and pathways. Products commonly utilised by our Sport and Play Surfacing team include:

CSBR Premium Pre-coloured Recycled Rubber Surfacing is a high quality, hardwearing recycled rubber that is a cost effective option with a wide range of applications. Unlike some products on the market, our range of precoloured rubber is coated using a special blend of paints, to ensure a brilliant, long lasting and UV stable surface. The coloured rubber is carefully mixed on site and poured to create a consistent brightly coloured and seamless soft-fall surface.

                               Rose                         Red                      Terracotta             Sand Yellow           Mid Green           Dark Green             Orchid                     Purple                 Dark Blue

                              Mid Blue                   Aqua                      Emerald                    Jazz                        Grey                    Eggshell                 Beige                   Auburn                  Cocoa

EPDM Premium Rubber Surfacing is an imported granulated non recycled rubber surfacing. Unlike CSBR the colour is through the entire granule. It is generally used and seen in popular fast food chains and sporting facilities internationally. Available in a variety of vibrant single or multi coloured finishes the rubber is poured to provide a seamless soft-fall surface. Please note that some of the bright colours in this range may not be suitable for use in direct sunlight in Australia due to our strong UV.

                              Earth Red               Scarlet Red               Tangerine            Ochre Gold       Sunshine Yellow   Green Apple          Storm Sky            Grape Purple        Rainbow Blue

                                Sky Blue              Island Teal          Rainforest Green       Granite Grey         Ghost Gum           Moonlight                Cream                Cashew              Cocoa Bean

Colour Mixes (available in CSBR or EPDM)




Vista Range

     Outback                 Kakadu                    Keppel                   Daintree                   Pacific              Harbour

Shade Range

     Oceanic                    Coastal                   Ground                Jungle                   Phantom                Envy

Berry Range

Passion Pop           Honey Dew              Ruby Razz              Pumpkin Pie         Mint Julep           Baby Blue

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