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Terms and Conditions of Installation

The team at Sport and Play Surfacing specialise in sand filled synthetic grass and rubber courts.


  • Tennis Courts

  • Futsal Courts

  • Cricket Wickets

  • Multi Purpose Courts

  • Handball Court

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Sporting Surfaces

Our team can design and install rubber surfacing including


  • Rubber Surfacing including TPV

  • Polysoft Surfacing

  • Water Features

  • Climbing Mounds & Tunnels

  • Hopscotch & Chess Boards

  • Shapes including animals, rainbows, 3D etc

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Rubber Surfacing

Our services include design, supply and construct commercial grade playgrounds suitable for.


  • Childcare Centres

  • Schools

  • Parks

  • Resorts

  • Restaurants

  • Pubs & Clubs

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Playground Installation

Rubber Surfacing in Central Coast with the Best Materials


Are you designing a playground? Whether for public parks, school grounds, or home backyards, a playground can be an exciting yet dangerous place for fun-loving children. The best way to protect the users of your new playground is to install some premium rubber surfacing by Sport and Play Surfacing.

When it comes to playground safety, you cannot afford to cut costs on the rubber surfacing. Central Coast is one of the places that can employ our experienced rubber laying services. We offer both CSBR (coloured styrene butadiene rubber) and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber granules to be laid and spread wherever you need.

Our rubber surfacing for Central Coast will come in a wide variety of colours, depending on the material that you choose. Both our CSBR and EPDM mixes include colours that are UV-resistant so that they keep their vibrancy for years to come. We also make available shadesail options to protect your rubber from the hot sun, making it last longer.

We use recycled rubber to create our soft fall rubber surfaces for playgrounds, which means that our rubber surfacing in Central Coast is even better.

If you are interested in laying some rubber surfacing for your playground in Central Coast, you can depend on Sport and Play Surfacing. We have the materials that you need for the ultimate in playground safety.

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