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Terms and Conditions of Installation

The team at Sport and Play Surfacing specialise in sand filled synthetic grass and rubber courts.


  • Tennis Courts

  • Futsal Courts

  • Cricket Wickets

  • Multi Purpose Courts

  • Handball Court

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Sporting Surfaces

Our team can design and install rubber surfacing including


  • Rubber Surfacing including TPV

  • Polysoft Surfacing

  • Water Features

  • Climbing Mounds & Tunnels

  • Hopscotch & Chess Boards

  • Shapes including animals, rainbows, 3D etc

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Rubber Surfacing

Our services include design, supply and construct commercial grade playgrounds suitable for.


  • Childcare Centres

  • Schools

  • Parks

  • Resorts

  • Restaurants

  • Pubs & Clubs

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Playground Installation

Why You Should Consider Rubber Surfacing in Sydney, the Western and Northern Suburbs, and the South


Every school needs to provide facilities for children to have fun during break times and lunch, whether it’s a large outdoor play area or a variety of sports facilities. Children love nothing more than running around and playing together when they have the opportunity, but schools also need to keep costs to a minimum where possible so they can utilise their budgets for educational purposes. If you want to make some changes to your school’s outdoor area, you ought to consider building a playground, and for many reasons, you ought to consider rubber surfacing in Sydney.

Rubber surfacing, utilising recyclable materials, is beneficial for many reasons, namely because it’s easy to maintain and is good at repelling dirt. Children love running around in the mud, so you need to ensure they can have fun while remaining clean so that maintenance is simple. If you find the right company for rubber surfacing in Sydney South or the northern and western suburbs, you can feel confident your new play area will remain intact for decades.

At Sport and Play Surfacing, we’ve worked with schools in Sydney for over 15 years, and our professionals can lay down rubber surfacing to perfectly suit your requirements. All it takes is one phone call to arrange a consultation, and we’ll provide you with a detailed plan and quote before making your requested changes. We’ve built our reputation on the quality of our products, our attention to detail, and our exceptional customer service, and rubber surfacing in the western suburbs of Sydney is beneficial for the reasons described below.

The Benefits of Rubber Surfacing in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney

All children need a high-quality play area to spend their  free time having fun with their friends, and you ought to call our professionals for rubber surfacing in Sydney, whether it’s the south, northern or western suburbs, for the reasons below.

  • Flexible designs – We can create rubber surfacing to suit any requirement, whether you just want a plain floor for a park area or an intricate design to attract children’s attention. We can use a variety of colours, make drawings and install logos in our rubber surfacing, so whatever you have in mind, we can deliver.

  • Maintenance – Needless to say, you want your play area to stand the test of time, so you’ll be glad to know that rubber surfacing is easy to maintain to a high standard. Our rubber surfacing is fantastic at repelling dirt, and it only takes a sweep to keep it in pristine condition. Plus, it’s easy to repair should any problems arise.

  • Keep the noise down – School playgrounds can be particularly loud, so you need to ensure children can still hear each other talk while they’re running around. Rubber surfacing absorbs sound so that children can laugh and play without distraction.

Contact Us Today

At Sport and Play Surfacing, we only use the highest-quality products to manufacturer outdoor play areas with rubber surfacing, and we train all our workers to the highest industry standards. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your school a more fun place to play.

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