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Terms and Conditions of Installation

The team at Sport and Play Surfacing specialise in sand filled synthetic grass and rubber courts.


  • Tennis Courts

  • Futsal Courts

  • Cricket Wickets

  • Multi Purpose Courts

  • Handball Court

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Sporting Surfaces

Our team can design and install rubber surfacing including


  • Rubber Surfacing including TPV

  • Polysoft Surfacing

  • Water Features

  • Climbing Mounds & Tunnels

  • Hopscotch & Chess Boards

  • Shapes including animals, rainbows, 3D etc

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Rubber Surfacing

Our services include design, supply and construct commercial grade playgrounds suitable for.


  • Childcare Centres

  • Schools

  • Parks

  • Resorts

  • Restaurants

  • Pubs & Clubs

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Playground Installation

Your Western Suburbs Supplier for Synthetic Grass and Artificial Turf


Playing outside is a lot of fun, whether you’re into serious athletic pursuits or fun outdoor games with family and close friends. Maybe you’d rather stretch out on the ground with a picnic blanket and a good drink—the point is, even those of you whose outside interests aren’t exactly high-impact know how nice it can be to relax on a pristine green field. Maintaining these surfaces can be a different story, though. If you operate a business in the recreation or hospitality industries, you know how much work it can be to take care of the grass on your property, and even homeowners can find such chores taxing.

How can you and the people you care about enjoy the grass on your property without doing painstaking amounts of work to preserve it? One solution is to replace it with artificial turf. Businesses in Western Suburbs are relying on this strategy in increasing numbers since it provides a cost-effective and low-maintenance landscaping solution for hotels, childcare centres, sports clubs and other areas with high levels of foot traffic. Even individual property owners often choose to use artificial grass for their Western Suburbs lawns, backyards and swimming pools. If you’re considering the use of synthetic turf for your Western Suburbs property, your first step should be to find a company who can perform a high-quality installation of these materials with skill and professionalism.

One of the most reliable companies providing synthetic grass in the Western Suburbs area is Sport and Play Surfacing. For more than 15 years, we at More Turf, trading as Sport and Play Surfacing have made it our mission to provide high quality artificial turf to numerous commercial and residential clients throughout Sydney, and to offer some of the region’s best repair services for these products. The exceptional quality and professionalism of our staff makes it easy to count on our services so that you can always keep your property in shape to show off.

Why Choose Synthetic Grass for Your Western Suburbs Property?

Some people aren’t aware of the various benefits of using synthetic grass instead of the real thing, but there are lots of compelling reasons to do so. For instance, synthetic grass doesn’t need to be fed, clipped or watered, saving homeowners and groundskeepers a lot of work. Artificial grass is a low-maintenance solution for homes and a cost-effective landscaping option for various businesses. Synthetic grass also boasts high levels of UV resistance—and best of all, it stays thick and green always. With our quality surfaces, you’ll never have to worry about a bare patch ever again.

Contact Sport and Play Surfacing for Your Needs Today

Sport and Play Surfacing can turn your old or patchy earth into a lush and vibrant area suitable for sport, leisure, or pure relaxation. When you’re ready to find out more about our company, our production process, or how you can make use of our services, call us today and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

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