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Terms and Conditions of Installation

Sport and Play Surfacing quotes include:

  • A site inspection to confirm site conditions and supplied specifications are compliant.

  • Standard security measures of safety tape or plastic safety barrier mesh to ensure that your new playground stays free from                   vandalism during construction. Other security options such as temporary fencing and/or security guard available upon request for an additional surcharge.

  • Supply and installation of the quoted surface as per provided plan.

  • Removal of all installation generated rubbish from the site including all landfill fees and transportation.


Sport and Play Surfacing Quotes DO NOT include:

  • Independent services that need to complete site surveys before commencement of works.

  • Identifying and capping of any reticulation points within the installation area.

  • Soil suitability testing. Sport and Play Pty Ltd. can assist with the contracting of a qualified independent engineer to undertake this             procedure to ensure suitability of your site. This procedure is usually only required if there has been filling of your site within the past 12 months.

  • Ensuring that any reticulation around the site is off prior, during, and immediately after installation.

  • Supply and installation of playground equipment (unless specified).

  • Supply or installation of sub base drainage systems (unless specified).

  • Rain delays that may occur.

  • Site security during any product curing periods. Protection of surfaces during curing time is the client's responsibility.

  • Securing and mounting of any equipment on site prior to installation.

  • Supply of any lifting or scaffolding equipment to gain access if first not directed by the customer when quoted. Any such requirements will require variation of contract before we will proceed.

  • Joining of any unions or site industry groups.

  • Any costs incurred by changes to layout design prior to installation date, necessary on site changes or any required changes to install 

           our product to the correct standard required . Any of these changes will be regarded as a variation and will be forwarded to the client

           in writing for their approval and signed off before works continue.

  • Removal of tree roots within the site area. This must be removed by customer prior to installation.


Payment Terms:               

50% Deposit on placement of order.

Final payment Nett 7 days from installation.

Overdue Accounts: Should Sport and Play Surfacing have any difficulty in recovering outstanding accounts then we Reserve the right to

charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate of 1.5% per calendar month. Reserve the right to pass your account to a collection agency and

add all charges involved in the recovery of overdue accounts to the original account.


Quote Validity: 60 days from today’s date.


Compliance :

Soft fall installed by Sport and Play Surfacing is designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 4422:1996 and advice from the playground equipment manufacturer.



Sport and Play Surfacing warrant product and workmanship on all surfaces, playground equipment and shade products. Surfaces need to be

maintained in accordance to care instructions supplied.  Vandalism or misuse of the surface is not covered under warranty.  Fair surface wear and tear needs to be taken into consideration on all warranty claims.  Fading in TPV & EPDM surfaces is not covered under warranty.

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