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Synthetic Grass

Sport and Play Surfacing can provide synthetic grass products for projects such as sports surfaces, cricket wickets, domestic landscaping, child care centres, to cover ‘flexifall’ safety surfaces, wedding or other special events, long-jump run-ups, pool areas, rooftops, shop displays, model plane runways etc.


So why use Fake Turf or Artificial Grass?


  • Looks great in all seasons

  • No more mowing

  • A natural grass finish

  • No more watering

  • High UV resistance

  • Always green

  • No more bare patches

  • Helps with grass allergy sufferers

  • Ideal for pets

  • Usable all year round


The company’s innovative and high quality products on offer are 100% made for the Australian environment. The natural look and feel of our synthetic grass products available, outwit, outlast and outplay’ drought affected natural turf. Our child and pet friendly products are ready 24/7 and need no mowing, no watering therefore provide 'no worries'. Sport and Play Surfacing Pty Ltd source their synthetic grass surfacing from More Turf Pty Ltd. For more information on our synthetic grass products, please visit:


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